Massage for long term pain Exeter

Long Term Pain

Living with long term pain pain (sometimes called chronic or persistent) can be exhausting, debilitating and depressing. It can also be quite complicated. Your body itself is incredibly complex and yet there is far more to you as a person than simply your physical body.

When I work with clients who have been living with pain for some time I ask a lot of questions – about you, your history, the pain, how and when it started, what helps, what makes it worse, what it stops you doing, how you feel about it and so on.

This is vital because it helps me identify the issues that I can treat but also to understand what is important to you. For example, if your primary concern is that your pain stops you gardening, going for walks on the moors or getting down on the floor to play with your kids then I will work with you to get you back doing that and tailor my treatments and advice accordingly.

Massage for long term pain Exeter

I use a combination of deep tissue massage, soft tissue techniques and myofascial release to create a specifically tailored treatment aiming to reduce your pain and improve how your body functions.

I strongly believe that treatments do not need to leave you battered and bruised in order to be effective, so I work with more thought than force, always working with your body, your preferences and within your comfort threshold.

Over the years I have found that in many cases less is definitely more, which is why I often use myofascial release. This is a technique performed directly on the skin without oil and involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into the body’s fascial system. Its gentler approach can be better suited to people with a heightened nervous system or an auto-immune disorder and I’ve found it particularly helpful for people with headaches, migraines and jaw issues (TMJD).

rehabilitation, stretching and stengthening exercises

Alongside the physical treatment I include advice on stretching, rehabilitation exercises and training you can do at home. I also try to help you understand pain better, what causes it (and what sometimes doesn’t), the psychological factors involved and suggest things which may help you deal with it.

I have found my approach of physical treatment, informed by the detailed knowledge from my soft tissue therapy diploma but influenced by myofascial and craniosacral approaches, combined with pain education has produced some profound results for my clients.

If you’d like to understand more about what has influenced my work please read my story so far. You can email me with any queries you have and I also offer a free 15 minute discovery call where we can discuss the issues you are facing and how I may be able to help.

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Assessment, treatment, education and advice but first and foremost care

"Throughout the past 6 years, out of all the various practitioners I have sought advice and treatment from, it is Lisa who has been my reference point to whom I return. Something about how she reframed what conventional therapists would simply call an injury in more holistic terms gave me a better foundation on which to build my recovery."

Dave Mc

“I can't thank you enough, I never thought it could make such a difference. You've changed my life.”


"After twenty years of living with pain daily it was good to finally meet a therapist who not only understands the problems but was able to help me work with the pain and alleviate a large part of it. Not only the physical part of the therapy but the mental part and the help with managing it daily has been a massive bonus. THANK YOU!"

Steve Collins

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